Andy Darcy Theo - Author of the fantasy series Descent into Darkness

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About the Author

Andy Darcy Theo is a British-Greek Cypriot with an educational and occupational background in clinical psychology and teaching. When he is not teaching, learning, or reading, he is writing his YA fantasy series, DESCENT INTO DARKNESS. He has been working on this epic, character-driven fantasy series for over 10 years, and after many changes in plot, characters, and titles, he is ready to share it with you all.

Welcome to the Elemental world! 

Take on the descent into darkness…

Descent Into Darkness
book 1:

The Light That Blinds Us

Percy Jackson meets Legendborn meets Six of Crows in this thrilling, cinematic debut romantic fantasy.

‘When consumed by shadow, even the faintest light can be blinding…’

After a childhood haunted by disturbing hallucinations of the Shadow Man, Alexis Michaels’s only comfort is the blue amulet he’s had since before he can remember. Now, the visions are gone, and Alexis craves a normal life.

But when a trip to Stonehenge unites him with three other teens carrying similar gems, normality is abandoned when they are plunged into a hidden world of power-wielding Elementals, and told they are the chosen ones, destined to save the world from an eternal night. Trained by legends and guided by heroes, Alexis and his companions must venture on a perilous quest, facing tests of love, loss and loyalty.

But a dark past plagues Alexis as they prepare to defeat an adversary more ominous that they could imagine, and a looming secret sets to corrupt the mission, their lives, and his mind.

A high-stakes, speculative romance, which masterfully weaves themes of mental health, psychosis, and found family. Perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Cassandra Clare from BookTok and Bookstagram star @andydarcytheo

 A working list of content warnings can be found here.

Reader Reviews

The Light That Blinds Us is a masterpiece!

“There are so many powerful quotes and messages in this novel. The world needs to read it. I have fallen utterly in love with the world-building, characters, writing style, and story.”

“You’re paying for my therapy bills.”

“This book has to end up in a bookshop, to be read and recommended, to be put on displays and on top of the charts.”

“This book has me in a chokehold and the ending had me MIND BLOWN. I need the next one. I can’t get enough of this world.”

“One of the best found family fantasy groups I’ve read.”

“Diverse characters, global quest, mythical Elemental creatures, and a group of morally grey protagonists? They may have been in hell, but I was in heaven reading this!”

“I truly believe your story will help so many people. Your writing was beautiful. Andy, you are my favourite author from now on.”

TLTBU reminds me of all the great YA fantasy series. This is easily my top book of the year!

“This was an AMAZING read. There is SO much that I love about it. I can’t get enough of the characters: their friendships, relationships, small moments, jokes, touches. Brilliant. I love your writing style and I know the rest of the series will be 5 STARS too.”

“Please never stop writing.”

“Alexis is the best MC ever. Perfect combination of humour and intelligence. He feels so real and I wish he was my friend… or lover. Anything except my enemy!”

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