Andy Darcy Theo - Author of the fantasy series Descent into Darkness

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Behind every book is a writer.
Behind every writer is the message they wish to share with the world.

Hey, I'm Andy!

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For me, reading was never just a hobby. It was the most beautiful form of escapism, allowing me to live a hundred lives and experience a thousand things all from the comfort of my own room. My love for reading soon translated into a love for writing… and here is how my journey went.

I first started writing my YA fantasy series at 13 years old. In English at school, we were set a project to write a short story that ends in a cliffhanger – 10 years later and I’m still writing that cliffhanger! I wrote throughout my time at school, but stopped for a few years whilst I was studying at university. When the COVID pandemic came along, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to start writing again. Within one year, alongside two part-time jobs, I managed to re-write the first 3 books in the series. Since then, I have been editing continuously as I prepare the first book, The Light that Blinds Us, for publication. After all those years of silently working on my story, it is now ready to be brought into the light! 

My story touches heavily on themes of mental health which is influenced and inspired by my own research, education, and previous occupation. Studying psychology opened my eyes to the beauty and pain of human nature and provided me with great insight into the thoughts and motivations of people’s behaviour. After graduating with my BSc in psychology, I couldn’t decide between clinical psychology or the education route. All I knew was that I had to keep writing my books. I ended up working as a senior private assistant psychologist in London and as a healthcare assistant in a psychiatric ward for patients with schizophrenia, personality disorders, OCD, depression, and anxiety. This was equally as challenging as it was rewarding and enlightening. After a year of working in clinical psychology, I decided I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences, and trained as a teacher to instil a love of psychology in the next generation. 

I pray that through my work, you will fall in love with the world and yourself, and seek to find the light in amongst the darkness. And if you cannot find the source of the light, then I hope you have the strength to become it. 

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