Andy Darcy Theo - Author of the fantasy series Descent into Darkness

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My Affiliate Links

Welcome to my affiliate page!

Here contains the websites for which I am an affiliate: Bookshop, Waterstones & Amazon! I’ve curated lists of my favourite books and some of my most anticipated books on my to-be-read pile. They also contain BookTok and BookTube’s all-time most popular books!

If you would like to support me and my author journey, I would be so touched and grateful. If you buy a book or product through any of these links, it will store a ‘cookie’ and I will receive a small commission. Feel free to have a little look and I hope you find your next favourite read!

Andy's bookshelf of his favourite books

Bookshop is an incredible online bookstore that dedicates its earnings to supporting Independent Bookshops. It allows you to browse for your new favourite book whilst also supporting Independent Bookshops, ensuring that a percentage of all profits goes directly to bookshops and authors. 

I’m proud to be an affiliate for an organisation dedicated to the public good. I’ve curated a list of the Top 20 Books that Shaped My Personality (including a few golden oldies circa mid-2010s) and the BookTok books everyone is raving about. 

Book buying has never been easier! With just a couple of clicks, you can buy almost any book in hardback, paperback, and on Kindle. Amazon also allows and encourages indie authors to upload their self-published books, ensuring they are getting the attention and praise they deserve.

On my Amazon Storefront, I’ve created a list of the Top 25 Fantasy Books #tiktokmademebuy it. These are books I’ve either read and LOVED, or they are the books on my TBR pile waiting to be picked up and devoured. Unique to my Amazon page, I have also created a huge list of Cute Bookish Gifts That Aren’t Books. These include everything from bookmarks to tote bags to reading lights to annotating kits. If you’re looking to buy a book-lover something, I’m sure you’ll find something here!

Waterstones is one of the biggest, oldest & most successful bookstores in England. It’s also my personal favourite. I think I’ve visited every one in London and I’m always guaranteed to come out with at least one new book. Their online store is even easier to reach to buy the latest and greatest books.

Waterstones are currently offering a HUGE ONLINE SALE on their books, both paperback and hardback. So run don’t walk to their site and I’ll see you in the (virtual) queue!