Andy Darcy Theo - Author of the fantasy series Descent into Darkness

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Descent into darkness

descent into darkness series

Writing Progress

Book 1: The Light that Blinds Us – Published!
Book 2: Unreleased title – Editing stage. April 2025 release!
Book 3: Unreleased title – Writing stage.
Book 4: Unreleased title – Planning stage.

The Light That Blinds Us

"Light will always find a way through the darkness, and if you can't find it, become it."

When Alexis Michaels’s disturbing hallucinations of the Shadow-man vanish the day he met three others with similar element-inspired amulets, he was finally able to live the life of normalcy he had so desperately craved. That was until a visit to Stonehenge plunges the four teenagers into the hidden world of power-wielding Elementals, a world plagued by the corrupt Mortem and his insatiable desire for dominance, a world only they have the power to save. Alexis and his friends have less than a month to learn how to become Elementals under the guidance of the famous Incantus Arcangelo before the summer eclipse, or else the world will succumb to a night that dawn will never break.


Armed only with their newfound powers, and an endless supply of dark humour, the bickering Elementals venture out on a perilous, global quest to find the lost Elemental Gems to ensure the protection of their new world, facing tests of love, loyalty, and loss along the way. Yet a looming secret hangs over Alexis that seeks to corrupt his mission and all that he has fought to overcome. With a lifetime spent in the dark, will Alexis be able to escape the shadows of his past, or will he force the world to suffer just as he has?

PREORDER: The Light That Blinds Us

Main Tropes:

Found Family, Morally grey protagonists, Fantasy quest, Slow-burn friends to lovers, Mythical creatures and legends, Prophecies, Fantasy-inspired training sequences

For fans of:

The Shadowhunter Chronicles (Cassandra Clare), Six of Crows duology (Leigh Bardugo), Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Rick Riordan), The Poppy War trilogy (R.F. Kuang), Legendborn (Tracy Deonn)

Content Warning

Nothing is more important than your well-being. Please consider these warnings before deciding to read this story. Wishing you a lifetime of health and healing,
– Andy 

The Light that Blinds Us is a story of hope, resilience, love, and finding the light in times of darkness. However, it also contains subjects and themes which may be triggering or distressing for some readers. Please be advised that this book is intended for an upper YA and adult audience. 

This contains references to mental illness, psychotic episodes (hallucinations and delusion thinking), death and grieving, injury, child abuse, murder, misogyny, violence, mention of war, and ableist language. This book explores themes around generational trauma and generational mental illness, sacrifice, adoption, crisis of faith, abandonment, and the influences of nature and nurture. 

Meet the Children of the Prophecy of Light and Darkness

Designed by Alex Forest

Alexis Michaels

Son of the Seas

Blaise Ademola

Son of Fire

Demi Nikolas

Daughter of the Earth

Caeli Doran

Daughter of Air